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The Big Island, Hawaii

Hawai'i, The Big Island


By far the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii (which usually goes by The Big Island) is as big on personality as it is on size. It’s also the top half of the tallest (base to summit) mountain in the world and has the world’s most active volcano, too. Just adding this up means that you’ll have plenty to gawk at—not to mention hike around—while you’re here, and this hasn't even scratched the surface with all of the awesome activities The Big Island has to offer.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junking looking to go spelunking, diving with manta rays at night, and maybe have a casual zip through the canopy or you’re just looking for an açaí bowl and a massage by the beach, you’ll be spoiled for choice here on the Big Island. But don’t be afraid to treat yourself to something a bit atypical for your tastes, either. Oh, and when it comes to taste, The Big Island is a hotspot like no other! Famous for its Kona coffee (although you should definitely try the Hamakua, Ka’u, and Puna coffees as well) as well as its amazing seafood and Hawaiian cuisine, The Big Island is brimming with culinary delights that are sure to make your adventures here even more spectacular—not to mention delicious.


Da Fish House Lunch Wagon

Luck Out at Lunch

Akaka Falls State Park

Whopping Waterfall

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Pele's Throne

Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park

Sacred Refuge


Nexus of History


Typical Local Food

Merriman's Big Island

Groundbreaking Restaurant

Kaaloa’s Super J’s

Home-Style Homeruns

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Very Verdurous