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Hippies and Hipsters

The Haight-Ashbury is one of San Francisco's most iconic neighborhoods. In the 1960's and 70's Haight-Ashbury was the epicenter of the free love movement and hippies from all over the country would congregate in this San Francisco neighborhood. Psychedelic rock icons like Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and The Grateful Dead all lived in this area, drastically increasing its popularity amongst young hippies. Today, the demographics have changed quite a bit, but "The Haight" (as locals call it) is still a cultural center and home to the young and hip. From hippy to hipster, this neighborhood is now home to tons of vintage clothing shops, bars, smoke shops, street performers, and restaurants. Still, you will find remnants of the hippy movement in the Haight, with tie dye banners, peace signs, weed smoking, and long bearded baby boomers, this SF neighborhood retains some of its old charm. We recommend walking up or down Haight street between Stanyan (Golden Gate Park entrance) and Masonic. In the middle of this area you will find the famous Haight-Ashbury Street intersection representing the center of this boisterous and historic neighborhood.

Utrip Tips

*Vintage Clothing: Wasteland, Held Over, La Rosa*Music: Amoeba, Recycled Records, Robotspeak*Restaurants: Cha Cha Cha, Escape from New York Pizza, Kate's*Nightlife: Toranado, Mad Dog in the Fog (great for watching Soccer), Club Deluxe, Alembic Bar (also good food)*Other: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

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