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Hailed as the "Biggest Little City in the World," Reno has a mix of charm and glitz—as well as heaps of outdoor activities—that few cities can match. What started out as a settlement based around a toll bridge, soon turned into a railroad and farming hub that's become something all its own. Whether you want your days filled with relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation; historic forays into 19th century America; or you want to get out and explore the eastern Sierra Nevadas, Reno offers you plenty of ways to enjoy yourself in spades (not to mention hearts, diamonds, and clubs).

Reno's also a great place to test your luck; when it comes to the sheer amount of glitz (and for that matter, neon), there's no denying that there are plenty of casinos here to bolster (or chip aways at) your life savings. And while there's plenty of gambling to do here, that doesn't mean that that's all Reno offers; from the historic waterfront district (that's packed with restaurants, local history, and cool shops) to the stunning wilderness just outside of town that's begging to be explored, Reno caters to gamblers and granolas alike.


Animal Ark

Haven for Critters

Reno Riverwalk District

The Truckee Truckin' Along

Carlitos Cocina

Small Mexican Place

Hunter Creek Trail

Verdant Path

Nevada Museum of Art

Topnotch Collection

Reno Rodeo

Wildest! Richest!

Reno Air Racing Championships

Contest in the Clouds

Sushi Minato

All About Sushi