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Ten Miles of Country Road

It's difficult to imagine now, but before the highway California Route 1 was pushed through in the 1930s, Big Sur was a truly isolated area. The Old Coast Road is a reminder of what the pre-highway days were like a century ago. Little more than a one-lane dirt road, filled with ruts and rocks, constantly going either up or down, it's still an attractive drive. It will take you through private grazing land, chaparral and redwood groves, sometimes on wooden bridges across beautiful streams. From time to time, you'll even get a glimpse of the ocean, so unexpected that it will take your breath away.

Be advised that it is a dirt road, and should not be driven when it's been raining. Although you may not see much motor traffic, be prepared for bicyclists: The road is considered to be a challenging, and therefore desirable, rural bike route.

Utrip Tips

*You'll probably want a car with a good amount of ground clearance to do this one.

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