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Hiking, Camping, and Scenic Adventure

Monterey calls to the outdoor adventurist. And there are few places more appealing than Jacks Peak County Park. Whether it's hiking, camping, or horseback riding that calls to your crowd, this county park is ready to answer.

The park's prominent feature is Jacks Peak which rises 1,068 feet high. It's officially the Monterey Peninsula's highest point and provides the most stunning views over Carmel and Monterey.

Not into the climb? Don't worry. Monterey County offers rich ecological findings and some of the best sightseeing on the central coast, including whales, otters, sea lions, and seals. You're welcome to hike and camp to your heart's content, but expect to shell out a few clams for extended stays.

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*Park fees vary depending on length of stay so please familiarize yourself with the Monterey County Fee Schedule

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