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A stunning piece of old Hawaii, Molokai brings travelers back to a place that's much more natural and much less developed. Don't expect to find hoards of tourists dotting its amazing beaches (and don't expect things like traffic lights or massive resorts, either); instead, think of it as Hawaii's Unplugged album. Brace for natural beauty just about everywhere you look, but also come ready to slow down and adjust to the time here. While things can close up early—and some things may take a while—you'll soon find that that's exactly what makes Molokai so special.

Arguably the most apparent thing about Molokai is its natural beauty (a good deal of which is on private land, so you'll need some guides to help you see it), and the great (and plentiful!) outdoors are a fantastic place to start exploring this amazing island. From stunning hikes, to pristine beaches, amazing reefs, and even a trail best taken on mule, you'll find plenty of sights to savor while you're here—just be sure to take in all the local advice you can. There are also a surprising amount of historical sites that have been preserved for hundreds of years, so you'll be sure to get a dose of Hawaiian history while you're here. And when the sun is setting, kick back, relax, watch the show, and get ready for another day of natural majesty. Just be warned: Molokai might make you get attached to detaching.


Palaau State Park

Campground and Trails with Amazing Views

Papohaku Beach

Camping Under the Palms

Fiesta Market Place

Health Food Store

Molokai Mule Ride

Buzzy and the Skinners

Kualapu’u Cookhouse

A Slice of Home

Sundown Deli

Simple, Organic Food

Mana’e Goods & Grindz

Home Cooked, and Drinks Too

Big Daddy's

Authentic Filipino Cuisine

Kepuhi Beach

Out of the Way Beach