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"Just the ABC's: Art, Booze, Coffee"

How do you know you're in the right bar? It's not necessarily the one with the most people, it's the one with the right people. Art*Bar has an eclectic mix of ages and species - you'll find people from their 20s right up to the "don't ask" age, and dogs are welcome. What brings them here? It could be the décor, with original art where you can decide if you just don't get it or if you may have had a few too many. Perhaps it's the pool table and arcade games, not to mention the board games to help you maintain your cognitive abilities even as you decrease the number of your brain cells. In other words, it's a hang-out where you can enjoy yourself.

They have what is generally considered the best Green Bay Packer game parties, live music, and open mic evenings. The selection of craft beer is considered excellent (although, oddly, they don't have any on tap, just in bottles), but the bar food is reportedly just okay-ish. But are you really here for the food?

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