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Maui, Hawaii

Maui Spearfishing Academy

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Today: 7:00am-9:00pm
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Unleash Your Inner Predator

Spearfishing has a long history in Hawaii, and you can try your hand at it yourself courtesy of the instructors at the Maui Spearfishing Academy. Newbies learn the ropes via Spearfishing 101 and Freediving 101, while veteran submarine stalkers can sign on for guided outings to Maui's best undersea hunting grounds.

The quarry? First on the list is the peacock grouper (or roi), an exotic and invasive reef fish with a voracious appetite. Other targeted non-natives include the bluestripe snapper (ta'ape) and blacktail snapper (to'au). You're doing indigenous marine life a favor spearing these admittedly gorgeous out-of-towners.

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