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A Stunning Legacy

There are some places that claim that there’s something for everyone—and then there’s the Getty Center. We’re wracking our brains thinking of anyone who wouldn’t find at least something here to marvel at. Whether you’re into art, architecture, nature, stunning villas, or culture, this amazing piece of LA’s identity has at least a myriad and a half of things to do. Ride the trams, check out Van Gogh’s Irises, meander the amazing gardens, and gawk at the immense and jaw-slackening architecture. So whether you’re here to get away from the city, check out the amazing artwork on display, or you just want to add a few photos to your capture quiver, a trip to the Getty Center is a must for anyone in LA.

Utrip Tips

*If you get hungry taking everything in, you can always grab a bite to eat at their restaurant.
*Recommended by Local Experts Stephen Farber and Harley Pasternak

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