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Today: 7:00am-6:00pm
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Cost: $5.00 USD

Cozy Quality Coffee Bar

Whether you’re looking for something cool (like, say, a New York Times-acclaimed iced latte) or you’re too cool for school and, no matter the weather, you take your espresso with a side of seltzer, you should have just what you’re looking for at G&B Coffee. Located in the super cool Grand Central Market, this walk-up coffee bar is a wonderful spot to grab whatever sounds like it will tickle your taste buds. And if the airy and welcoming vibe weren’t enough, the friendly, superstar baristas are sure to craft something delicious that will make your day a little bit better, a lot more delicious, and, of course, a bit more caffeinated, too.

Open in Google Maps: 317 S Broadway, LA

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