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Heaven is a Junk Shop

Folks, Hobo Junction is the very definition of a junk shop. Junk shops aren't fancy. They don't feature tidy little displays on glass shelves with handmade signs and vanilla-scented candles burning at the front counter. Junk shops -- REAL junk shops -- smell like ancient dust and motor oil, aging wood, and old metal. The rough-hewn wood floors, walls, and ceilings of Hobo Junction are absolutely packed with junk, spilling through crooked doorways leading to rooms and more rooms full of junk, which creeps into the yard out back. And of course, by "junk," we mean the curiousest of curiosities, the marvelousest of marvels. We're talking old boats, ancient nautical ropes and instruments, Japanese glass fishing floats (the largest collection on the West Coast), hand-painted, concrete seagulls and pelicans, traffic lights and signs, flotsam and jetsam washed ashore, rustic wood furniture, unusual yard art, ancient books, vintage clothes, and just about anything else you could possibly imagine. They've been re-using, recycling and repurposing local marine and architectural salvage on the Peninsula for two decades! If you're a junk junkie, you've just died and gone to heaven.

Open in Google Maps: 105 13th Street SW, Long Beach

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