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Roaring Fire, Setting Sun

You can't ask for too much better of a nightcap than your own personal bonfire on Long Beach, and whether you're a seasoned pyro or just someone looking for a good way to warm up, a bonfire should be the perfect addition to your trip to Long Beach. So bring a blanket, wood, and s'more supplies, and expect to swoon in the magic of the evening. While we'd advise you not get too crazy with things, at least make something that will keep your toes warm—and provide some excellent s'more making.

Utrip Tips

The Dos:

Keep your campfire size smaller than 4 feet on each side and 3 feet in height.
Build your campfire at least 100 feet west of the dune line (no fires or barbeques are allowed in the very flammable dune grass area)
Supervise children closely
Report illegal fires
Pack out your garbage
Drench and bury your fire to extinguish it before you leave

The Don'ts:

Build a fire if it is windy.
Throw explosive material (including glass bottles) into the fire.

Open in Google Maps: The Beach, Long Beach

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