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While Hawaii isn't typically thought of as a fast-paced destination, if you're hoping to have an extra mellow adventure, check out Lanai, where you'll find Hawaii's laid back attitude taken to an entirely different level of chill. With only a few pockets of people on the island—most notably Lanai City—and only about 30 miles of paved roads (read: an excuse to rent and romp around in a 4x4), if you're looking to get away on your getaway, look no further. 

But it's not all kicking back with a fruity drink to watch the waves crash on placid Pacific shores (although there is plenty of that to be had); Lanai's home to some world class golfing, spas, beaches, and stunning outdoor vistas that are sure to keep your days at the perfect level of exciting and relaxing—and packed with natural splendor, to boot. Whether you choose to take a Jeep up to Shipwreck Beach and go for a snorkel, eat as much poke as humanly possible, or take a hike around the island (which, fun fact was once the world leader in Pineapple production), Lanai's got what you need to come home recharged, refreshed, and probably a bit more tan.


Hulopoe Beach

Wildlife and Beach Life

Garden of the Gods

Otherworldly Rocks

Shipwreck Beach

Witness History and Get a Tan

Lanai Ohana Poke Market

Poke Bowls for All Tastes

No Ka ‘Oi Grindz Lana’i

Mixed Plate Combos

Island Adventure Center

Untouched Hawaii


Cliff-side Eatery

Koloiki Ridge

Remote Ridge Daytripping

Lanai Culture & Heritage Center

Cultural Preservation