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Dynamic 40-Mile Bike Ride

The Pioneer Trail Bike Route doesn't detour too far from the highway but it offers a dynamic riding experience. While suitable for joggers and equestrians, the trail has been very popular among bikers. It features short exuberant stretches where technical skill is required. It also features breathtaking Tahoe scenery.

The Trail can be accessed from various spots like the Washington Overlook Trail Head or Harmony Ridge Market. For a great all-around biking experience, this is a great trail to consider with its 40 miles of distinctive terrain.

Utrip Tips

*You can start this ride at either side of Pioneer Trail. One side begins at Highway 50 the other side begins on Highway 89
*Local Expert Diana Evans recommends the Mid-Pioneer Trail for runners: "A little tough to find, but a great loop run. In between Golden Bear Rd. and Jicarilla Rd. on Pioneer Trail. Look for the start of the guard rail and you will see a small dirt lot. Take the trail to the right, down to the Power-line trail and go left over the river. Turn left as you head up the hill and follow the trail along the river. The trail will come out on Columbine Road. Go left just a few yards and you will see the trail start again on the left. Follow it along Pioneer Rd. back to the parking lot."

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