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A Taste of Wilderness

Along with Eagle Lake, the Cascade Falls Trail makes for one of the best bangs-for-your-buck trails in South Lake Tahoe. Though it's easily accessed from Bayview Campground off Highway 89 and traverses a highly manageable two miles round-trip and 150 feet of elevation change, the route leads you to an arresting sight rich in wild grandeur: the mighty rock-bound cataract for which its named.

Actually, Cascade Falls becomes more of a tumbling rapid during the late-summer and fall dry season, but, even then, the whitewater-laced boulders and sweeping views of Lake Tahoe still pack a major punch. Given how short, easy, and beautiful it is, the Cascade Falls Trail can be crowded on summer afternoons and weekends, but early-morning or shoulder-season hikers may have the place to themselves.

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*For a great view, check out the vistas at Inspiration View Vista; they're vista-fying!

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