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Kauai—appropriately known as the "Garden Isle"—is quite a sight for sore eyes (or any eyes, for that matter). It's the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands, but that just means it's had time to mature into something spectacular. Eye-widening views abound thanks to the stunning canyons, waterfalls, and greenery that makes "green" seem like an understatement, and the best part is: it's there to explore! Whether you fancy a zip through the trees, a drive down the highway, a swim with the fish, a sail with the dolphins/humpbacks, or a cocktail on the beach, Kauai has just what your getaway needs to find the perfect balance of R&R and a raging good time.

While even the most indoorsy types will be tempted by the Kauai's external gloriousness (and we beseech them to get out there!), they'll also find plenty of excellent shops, cafes, art galleries, spas, and even a few museums and spend their hard-earned off time in. What everyone needs, though, is quality grub, and Kauai's got everyone covered there, too. Whether you're hoping to hop from food truck to food truck or you're looking for exquisite beachside dining, Kauai's packed to the shores with delectable cuisine. Just don't forget to take it easy while you're here; rushing around trying to see everything might ruin the fun a little bit. We'd recommend giving yourself plenty of time to see it all, and once you're on the ground, we don't think you'll mind being there a while.


Poipu Beach Park

Breathtaking Beach

Wailua Falls

Iconic Streamers

Kalalau Trail

Up for the Challenge?

JO2 Natural Cuisine

Fantastic Fusion

Hanalei Beach

Crescent-Shaped Beaut

Konohiki Seafoods

Hawaiian Takeout

Hanalei Valley Lookout

Vision of Paradise

Waimea Canyon State Park

Move Over, Grand Canyon

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge

Bird Bonanza

Sueoka Store Snack Shop

Sandwich Kiosk