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Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson Hole


Is it Jackson or Jackson Hole? Do the locals even know? Well, it’s actually both. Jackson is the city and Jackson Hole is the valley in which the city resides. Here, it’s all about the great outdoors. Even the art, including galleries in town in addition to the renowned National Museum of Wildlife Art, focus on the city’s environs. The National Elk Refuge is practically next door, and its presence is reflected in the large Elk Antler arches at the center of town. Jackson is a great launching point for adventures into either Grand Tetons National Park or Yellowstone - both about an hour’s drive north through some of Wyoming’s most scenic countryside. You certainly don’t have to leave town to find plenty of adventure, though, with three ski resorts easily accessible from downtown, nearly all featuring year-round recreation options.

When you’ve finished a day of having fun in the sun, or even between activities, Jackson has no shortage of world-class dining options. From the names alone, like FIG, the Kitchen, and Picnic, you know that it’s all modern, it’s all crafted with an excruciating attention to detail, and it’s all beyond delicious. Tourists streaming through for skiing or National Parks have raised the standard in Jackson, surprising for its locale in a remote valley. There’s plenty for the family too, with performances happening in downtown that tell tales of Jackson’s Wild West days, which is the perfect performance to precede the Bar-T-5 Covered Wagon Cookout.

Nature, modernity, and wildlife all mix together in the Jackson Hole valley, a spectacular getaway for anytime of year. So get on a flight now, because the call of the wild is summoning you.


Grand Teton National Park

National Treasure

Town Square

Elk Antler Arbors

National Museum of Wildlife Art


Granite Hot Springs

Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum

Old West Stories

St. John's Episcopal Church and Rectory

Teton Worship

Yellowstone National Park

Unforgettable Outdoor Fun


Flavors of Lebanon

Sidewinders Tavern