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The most remote major city in the world, Honolulu might be far away from anything mainland, but that just means it’s used this distance to form its own identity. As the longtime center for trade in the Hawaiian islands, Honolulu has attracted a huge amount of international influence, which has since woven its way into the the local culture. Expect influences from Japan, China, Korea, and the U.S.—all set to a backdrop that every postcard wishes it could capture.

This cultural robustness means you’ll be able to savor flavors from all over the world—and some unique to Hawaii—while you’re here. Seafood is always a good choice (seeing as how this is an island), but there’s everything from fine dining and steakhouses to Mediterranean and other favorites here, too. And while you may be tempted to spend every day on the beach here (which, if we’re honest, we couldn’t hold it against you), there’s so much to explore! Historic sights abound, gorgeous hikes weave their way all over, and there are a ton of museums to check out, too! Oh. And lest we forget the ocean, you can always snorkel, dive, surf, SUP, or do just about anything else in the wet world of watersports. Whatever you do, don’t forget to reward yourself with a cold drink or a shave ice when you’re done—even if you ended up having a beach day after all. 


Waiāhole Poi Factory

Hawaiian Poi Plus Art

ʻIolani Palace

Royal Relic

Ono Seafood

Seafood Restaurant

Honolulu Sushi

Sushi for Oahu

Diamond Head

The Real Treasure is at the Summit

Makaha Beach Park

Surf with the Locals

Maguro Brothers Hawaii

Poke Paradise at a Modest Price

Nu‘uanu Pali

Mountains And Coast

Island Style BBQ

Fall-Off-the-Bone Goodness

Bishop Museum

Science and History Museum