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A Film Festival Like No Other

If you've never seen a sweded film, you're in for a treat; if you're already a fan, this is the film festival you will want to attend. What is a "sweded" film? It's a recent idea where a famous Hollywood movie or popular television show is re-shot... with hilarious results. Intentionally low-budget, usually with amateur actors and somewhat (to be kind) cheesy props and costumes, these films are limited by Swede Fest rules to four minutes. But you'll be amazed at how much fun can be packed into such a short time. Held every winter, this festival is great fun, where humor and love of films come together. The term "sweded," by the way, comes from the comic film Be Kind Rewind (2008), in which a pair of video store owners discover that their entire inventory has been accidentally erased by magnets. Their solution is to re-create each movie themselves, using friends and whatever props they can quickly put together. To explain to their customers why these videos are a little, well, different, they claim that they are special editions imported from Sweden. From such a silly premise is an entire new genre created.

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