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For Waterfall Junkies

A topnotch roundabout hike in Mount Diablo State Park, the Waterfall Loop route tours some of the multiple cascades in the drainages edging Meridian Ridge. The waterfalls are most voluminous during winter and after major rainfall, though keep in mind that such conditions will make parts of this hike a bit on the gloppy side. Striking off from Regency Drive, you'll trek up Donner Creek--admiring its multiple plunges via the Falls Trail--and return, after crossing Meridian Ridge, via Back Creek, which also has its own whitewater tumbles.

Even when it's not particularly muddy, this route can be a bit challenging given the steep terrain involved. But it's an awesome half- or full-day adventure--even when, as they are much of the year, the waterfalls are a bit skimpy.

Utrip Tips

*We have the location of the falls as the pin in the map (not the trailhead) because there's a few ways to get here. This is a pretty popular place to start, though; it's also where the website has you starting.

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