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Why Mott?

Alongside Briones Peak, Mott Peak is one of the rooftops of the Briones Hills in Briones Regional Park. A hair shy of a mile, the Mott Peak Trail--most directly reached from the Bear Creek Staging Area via the Abrigo Valley Trail--takes you just below the barren summit: a place to gaze out over gentle ridges draped in pastoral oak groves and golden grasslands and cut by alluring draws.

The sensual loom of Briones Peak down the ridgeline to the southeast, meanwhile, is liable to beckon you onward via the Briones Crest Trail. Actually, you've got lots of options if you feel like looping it rather than retracing your steps: ramble the Lagoon Trail, for instance, or arc back to Bear Creek by following the Briones Crest Trail westward.

Utrip Tips

*You have to take the Abrigo Valley Trail and go left at Maud Whalen campground.

Open in Google Maps: Mott Peak Trail, Martinez

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