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It's a State of Mind

There is actually no official district in Chicago called "Old Town," but if you ask any local, they'll point you north of North Avenue. Just go to the historic St. Michael's Church and, as long as you can hear the bells, you're there. It is a true neighborhood, in every sense of the word, but especially in in the sense of Chicago's definition of neighborhood. Sure, it began as a settlement for German immigrants who settled the once-outland area in the mid-19th century to plant cabbages and potatoes (some old-timers still call it "Cabbage Town" for that reason), but nothing in this city ever stays static for long.

What you'll find now is a diverse, wonderful, old-fashioned neighborhood with shops, cafes, bars, art galleries, folk music venues (this was where Chicago folk music originated) and restaurants. And what restaurants! Pick any cuisine and any level of price and trendiness, and you'll find it in Old Town.

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