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Saving Birds One At a Time

Raptors are the most impressive birds in the wild - and yet among the most likely to be injured. Owls, vultures, hawks, eagles, falcons and corvids are hurt and orphaned at a tremendous rate, and it is the goal of the Carolina Raptor Center to heal and release back into the wild those birds which have been injured. This is one of the most active centers of its kind in the United States, treating more than 900 birds with a release rate of more than 70% -- more than any raptor center in the United States.

If you, your family or friends would like to see raptors up close and personal, take the opportunity to visit the CRC's three-quarter-mile trail of exhibits of live raptors. The center also has a series of programs to educate students and the general public on the biology and ecology of raptors, from owl pellets (that's icky sick-up to you and me) to how lessons on how corvids (crows and ravens) may be smarter than the average bear - and maybe some humans!

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