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One of the most important and historic port cities in America, Baltimore is gritty and tough, yet surprisingly cosmopolitan. Here you will find the convergence of working class and urban chic, where resilience and spunk meets style and sophistication. Baltimore is a perfect example of a city that can be misunderstood. With an array of great museums, swanky boutiques, ethnic restaurants, cozy cafes, and top tier sports, Baltimore comes through in a variety of ways. 

What we love most about Baltimore is its coastal vibe. The waterfront area here is fantastic, with tons of historic attractions, monuments, and landmarks. It's all very charming, and gives credence to Baltimore's nickname "Charm City." So if Baltimore hasn't quite been on your radar, it should be. Bring the whole family along and of course, plan all of your fun with our amazing trip planner.  


Jewish Museum of Maryland

Museum in Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Museum of Art

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Basilica in Baltimore Maryland

Camden Yards

Arena in Baltimore Maryland

M&T Bank Stadium

Multipurpose stadium in Baltimore Maryland

Inner Harbor

Historic Seaport


Italian Restaurant

La Scala

Italian Restaurant

The Johns Hopkins University

University in Baltimore Maryland

Cross Street Market

Market in Baltimore Maryland