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Austin's Water Jetpack Adventure

Zapata Racing introduced Flyboard to water sports enthusiasts in 2011, and adrenaline junkies have never looked back. If you still have no clue what flyboarding is all about, Fly Lake Austin is a great place to figure it all out.

Looking for something a bit more stable? Try the Jetovator. While both are basically jet packs that run on water - essentially water boarding in the air - each device is slightly different. Flyboards are actual boards attached to PWC turbine which utilized air-forced water to propel users into the air.

The Jetovator provides handles and acts more like a flying bike than a simple board. Both options are readily available to use and enjoy at Fly Lake Austin the next time you're craving some high-flying fun.

Utrip Tips

*Their schedule is pretty flexible; just be sure to set up something with them in advance.

Open in Google Maps: Lake Austin, Austin

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