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Austin, Texas

East Side Showroom

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Today: 5:00pm-2:00am
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No Place Like It

The marriage of Creole and Italian cuisine? Check. Highballs that committed Prohibition drinkers would happily recognize? Check. A silent film projector showing vintage but timeless classics? Yessir. With its intimate early 20th-century vibe and its genuine commitment to delicious old-school cookery (spiced by a bit of fusion-y boldness), East Side Showroom is a bar-restaurant that knows exactly what it's doing, from the seasonings to the wall décor.

It's worth the trip for a cocktail alone: The East Side Showroom bartenders have their mixology--and their booze-soaked history--down cold, and they can whip up a dizzying variety of obscurities and classics alike. Eating, drinking, and merrymaking here, you'll struggle to remember where exactly you are--and when exactly it is.

Open in Google Maps: 1100 East 6th Street, Austin

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