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"Tips up! Enjoy!" is the call of winter that echoes out along the lines of eager skiiers and snowboarders waiting to board the lifts in the four ski resorts in Aspen. If you were here over a hundred years ago, when Aspen was only a settlement of tents in the Roaring Fork Valley, it would be unrecognizable from today's renowned resort town. People flocked to the remote locale to ride the silver boom in the 1890's - after the price of silver went belly-up, Aspen almost did too. The heartier residents stuck around and the tide changed again in the 1940's when wealthy Chicago industrialists, Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke, saw potential in the sleepy town. Along with financial backing, they instilled a culture that prized finding the balance of mind, body, and spirit, a system that is still reflected in Aspen's dual obsession with the outdoors and the arts. 

Nowadays, it's hard to talk about winter destinations without mentioning Aspen. Its international appeal is reflected in the spread of world-class restaurants available including such places as the Living Room and Element 47. Its legacy is written on the surrounding mountainsides with the hundreds of ski trails that criss-cross the slopes of Aspen Mountain and Buttermilk. Its founding principles are alive and well in the Wheeler Opera House, the Aspen Art Museum, and Hurst Theater. Its appeal stretches across the seasons with the golden leaves of its namesake tree showing their glory in the fall, and the wildflowers of summer singing in the brief respite between snows.

 Aspen is all about re-invention through balance - what will you discover about yourself?


The Grottos Trail

Easy Level, Scenic Hikes

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

Easy Hike, Big Rewards

Aspen Mountain

Home of the World Cup

Crater Lake Trail

Moderately Difficult Climb Well Worth the Views

Rio Grande Trail

River Run

Wheeler/Stallard Museum

A Historic Home

Harris Concert Hall

Magical Musical Venue

Valley Fine Art

Reconcile with The Past

West Maroon Trail

Rocky Climb