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A bastion of arts and culture, Ashland Oregon’s one of those places you can’t help but love. Although it’s most famous for its annual Shakespeare Festival (and amazing theatre scene, for that matter), there’s also heaps of stunning scenery and a huge artisan community that keep folks coming back again and again.

When you’re in town, definitely catch a live performance; whether its a major production or a less-known work, the caliber of performances here is stunning. But don’t think its all a Midsomer Nights’ Dream; you should drop by some of the local art galleries, take a stroll through the woods, and explore some of the amazing architecture, too. With so many performances to catch, galleries to peruse, and gorgeous sights to see, you might even want to give yourself a bit more time—and the great thing about Ashland: it’s a fantastic place to take your time.


Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Celebrating the Bard since 1935

Liquid Assets Wine Bar

Local Food

Angus Bowmer Theatre

600-Seat Theatre

Allen Elizabethan Theatre

The Incarnation of Drama

Thomas Theatre

Continuing the Tradition

Lithia Artisans Market

Every Occasion a Market

Caldera Taphouse

Expanding Brewery

The Growler Guys

Big Beers

Brothers' Restaurant

Basic with Cocktails