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Anaheim, California



Much more than just the area around Disneyland (although, that's definitely the main draw to this neck of the woods), Anaheim has tons to offer outside the Most Magical Place on Earth. But before we get too far, we have to address the (flying) elephant in the room: Disneyland is a cultural icon, and its excellence attracts throngs of visitors from all over the globe—and for good reason. If you haven't been (and don't mind being a kid at heart for a day), it's an experience like no other—outside the Disney family, that is. And whether you choose to take the classic route and head to the Magic Kingdom, or you're feeling a bit more daring and go for California Adventure, saying there's so much to do is quite the understatement. If that somehow doesn't feel like enough, you can always go to both parks.

Disney, though, isn't the only theme park on the block—or fun thing to do, for that matter. While you can keep theme-parking it up at Adventure Land and Knott's Berry Farm, you can also bust out your hiking boots and check out the great (non-themed) outdoors. Swathed in Southern California beauty, the natural areas around Anaheim offer a really gorgeous way to burn off some of the delicious food you'll be eating around town—of which there is plenty. Whether you're looking for a classic American steakhouse, a cheap and cheerful breakfast nook, or maybe some Korean barbecue, sushi, or locally loved Mexican street food, Anaheim's a great place for grub. You'll also do well to check out Anaheim's urban side, too, particularly Center Street and the Packing District. Packed (if you'll excuse the pun) with shops, cafes, and retail centers, and a host of other indoor activities, you may have to blame going here for a few extra pounds in your suitcase. And when the day's done, there are just as many ways for you to get your nightcap: local dive bars, sports bars, breweries, clubs, lounges, and cocktail haunts all adorn the Anaheim nightlife scene and provide a great way to get ready for whatever's next.


Anaheim Packing District

Downtown Communal Gathering Place

Knott's Berry Farm

A Berry Good Time

Orange Bap

True Colors

Center Street Promenade

Downtown Markets and Events

Disney California Adventure Park

Disney Theme Park

Downtown Disney

Disney Promenade and Shopping Center

Angel Stadium Tour

Bullpen Session

Little Arabia District

Home to Middle Eastern Shops and Eateries