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Founded all the way back in 1707, Albuquerque has evolved from a strategic outpost on the Camino Real to a Southwest iconoclast that really got going during the Route 66 days (which you can still find neon hints of around town). It’s also a town that has natural beauty to spare; from the mountains to the plains, there’s plenty of eye candy to take in, not to mention more than a few ways to explore.

But Albuquerque’s not all about living in the past—although the pueblo-esque architecture and the 50s/60s roadside charm still exist in spades. It’s a city packed with, well, pretty much everything. You’ll find everything from breweries and distilleries to family-friendly interactive museums, and there’s plenty of art, parks, and cafes, to check out, too. When you’re hungry, you’ll have everything from classic American diners to modern, internationally-inspired small plates places, not to mention the plethora of authentic Mexican and Southwestern cuisine to fill you up right. And with the burgeoning craft beer scene, you'll have plenty of delicious beer to wash it all down with.


Petroglyph National Monument

Ancient Art on the Rocks

Rustic On the Green

Mall Burger Bar

Karibu Café

Evolved Service

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Those Priceless Reactions

Albuquerque Biological Park

Plants, Animals, and Fish

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

A Cornerstone of Culture

Sandia Peak Tramway

Deserts and Canyons


All Natural