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Cost: $40.84 USD (150.00 AED)


Banana-Hued Sightseeing

What with its artificial archipelagos and glossy skyline, the Dubai waterfront is an epic spectacle--and a tour on a charmingly mustard-colored inflatable boat is just the way to take it all in. A guided Yellow Boats sightseeing voyage gives you unbeatable on-the-water perspectives of city landmarks such as the Dubai Marina, the iconic sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel, and the glitzy Palm Jumeirah islands.

Along with private charters and special seasonal excursions, Yellow Boats offers 45-, 75-, and 90-minute tours as well as a half-hour "Thrill Ride" showing off the namesake watercrafts' fleetness and agility. Whether you're in the mood for leisurely day-tripping or high-speed adventure, these unmistakable vessels deliver!

Utrip Tips

Price and duration is based on a 45 minute tour. Other times and other durations are available, click here for more information.

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