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World Class Fun at the DSF

For one month out of the year, Dubai hosts the largest and most spectacular shopping festival and event extravaganza. Known simply as the DSF, or Dubai Shopping Festival, this amazing event is the ultimate in shopping, fun, entertainment, and excitement.

This festival goes above and beyond, encompassing dozens of malls and shopping centers, local parks and event spaces, and continues into the streets of Dubai. Millions of tourists head to Dubai for the DSF each year eager to attend scheduled entertainment venues, cultural events, fashion shows, the film festival and awards, concert performances and musicals, the carnival, sporting events, and more enticing festival happenings.

Shopping? Of course. Huge discounts and tax-free shopping is the draw of the festival, affording spectacular deals for those ready to buy. Have the shopping adventure of a lifetime as you traverse the Dubai Mall and Souk Mall (to name a few), local markets and boutiques for great deals on everything you can imagine.

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