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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

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UAE Wilderness

Dubai's not all urban glitter and spectacle. Outside the city in a blissfully wild corner of the Arabian Desert, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve provides critical refuge for plants, animals, and ecosystems threatened elsewhere by development and persecution. Here amid surreal dunes and sand-swamped ghaf forests, everything from pintsized jerboas to regal oryx find refuge--partly thanks to ambitious restoration and reintroduction efforts.

The 225-square-kilometer reserve accommodates a wide range of visitor experiences, from camel rides and dune driving to sand boarding. Guided safaris give you the best opportunities to glimpse native critters--including such elusive ones as the golden-furred caracal and the pale sand fox.

Utrip Tips

Four tour operators have been selected to operate within the area to ensure exclusivity and minimal impact on the environment. Click here for additional information on booking and scheduling.
Address given is for the Alpha Tours group in Deira. Please note the address given is not for the desert reserve. Call or e-mail ahead to schedule a tour.

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