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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Day and Night Yachts & Boats

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Watersports Galore

Seems a bit extreme to have jets of water hoist you high into the sky while specialised helmets help you receive instructions? Or perhaps just the adventure you've been looking for? Then head over to this watersport heaven for a range of adrenaline-pumping activities.

Try Flyboarding, the hot new craze, and soar above the water up to thirty feet high. Or dive under. If that's not cool enough, check out the Jetpack, where you're strapped on to a water-propelled backpack. Or go waterskiing on a buoyant ZUP board. Take a banana boat or donut ride. Of course, you need to be a swimmer, and fit. There are also age and weight regulations.

For something tamer, try a chartered trip on one of their luxury yachts.

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