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The "Tulip Mosque"

The Laleli Camii is one of Istanbul's great imperial mosques, constructed in Baroque style during the reign of Mustafa III in the early 1760s and named for a man, Laleli Dede, who successfully treated the sultan for an illness. The original structure had something of a limited run: Fire destroyed it in 1783, but a replacement went up promptly. Mustafa III, his wife, and several of their children are buried here. The Laleli Mosque--also known as the Tulip Mosque--marks a high point of 18th-century Ottoman architecture, with its portico- and semidome-supported central dome, its metal-topped minarets, and the multicolored marble interior.

Utrip Tips

*Remember to wear long pants and cover your arms.

*This is not just a tourist destination, people come here to pray so please be respectful.

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