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Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Cooking School

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Today: 10:30am, 3:00pm
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Sunday:10:30am, 3:00pm
Monday:10:30am, 3:00pm
Tuesday:10:30am, 3:00pm
Wednesday:10:30am, 3:00pm
Thursday:10:30am, 3:00pm
Friday:10:30am, 3:00pm
Saturday:10:30am, 3:00pm

Food Fit For a Sultan

Learn the art of Turkish cuisine at the hands of masters. The multilingual staff is there for you as you learn to stuff grape leaves, sprinkle saffron and create a crispy sweet baklava. You'll even learn the proper way to make thick, sweet, silky Turkish coffee. Call or email for reservations. Cash only

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*Make reservations in advance by sending an email or giving them a call (

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