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Bauble, Bangles and History

Istanbul's Grand Bazaar comprises more than 60 covered streets and thousands of kiosks, stalls and shops. Here one may browse a mind-boggling array of goods. If you know where to look (or who to ask) you can find anything you can imagine at this bountiful bazaar.

Founded in the year 1461 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet shortly after his conquest of Constantinople, Grand Bazaar has expanded well beyond its original purpose as a textile trading post at the Turkish terminus of the famed Silk Road. Take a tram to the bazaar from nearby towns Sultanahmet or Sirkeci.

Utrip Tips

*Be sure to haggle! Think of any price as a starting price.

*The Grand Bazaar can be a bit overwhelming for some. Many vendors will tirelessly attempt to sell you things even if you tell them you are not interested. Try not to become overwhelmed and simply tell them teşekkürler (thank you) or hayır (no). If you are interested in what they are selling, just stay calm and remember to haggle.

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