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Spanish Decadence

Situated approximately 3 miles from the center of Granada, Ruta del Veleta is a restaurant with an abundance of nostalgic charm, stylish antique furnishings, and decadent gastronomy. It was founded in 1976 by the brothers Miguel and José Pedraza, now joined by their sons Marcos and Óscar. Their culinary philosophy focuses on using fresh, seasonal ingredients to set the stage for an elegant Andalusian dining experience. Among their offerings is librito de mango y esturion de riofrio, a savory-sweet stack of mango and sturgeon topped with salmon trout roe; solomillo de jabalí, a wild boar served with seasonal fruit and vinegar-honey sauce; roast poussin with crispy potato cous cous covered in sheep’s milk emulsion; and a layered “cake” of artisan goat cheese and foie gras served with a drizzle of sweet Arbequina quince oil and toasted pine nuts.

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