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Cost: $35.27 USD (30.00 EUR)

Tapas All Tastes

Spend the night with local cuisine expert Gayle Mackie as you sample authentic Spanish tapas at Granada's most popular bars and restaurants. To get started, choose one of the following "tapa routes"; "Classic" -- Why change something that already works? Visit 4 bars and see some sights walking from place to place, starting at 1pm or 8pm; "Less is more" -- If you think 4 bars is too many, then go at a slightly slower pace, relax more in each bar and visit 3 places but still have the standard 4 drinks, starting at 1pm or 8pm; "Walk & Talk" -- This gives you an introduction walk round the city first. Meet earlier and see the sights, then visit 2 bars and sample their tapas, starting at 12 noon or 7pm; "Gourmet" -- Visit 2 bars and experience gourmet tapas / raciones with wine or cava. Less sights to see on this route because it´s all about the food, starting at 8pm (price is €50). Once you know which tapas tour you would like to do, read below for booking information.

Utrip Tips

* Reservations are required 3 weeks in advance. Make them by contacting Gayle Mackie at Be sure to include: age, nationality, and food allergies in your email. * Date availablities and prices vary depending on group size and dates. Note that Gayle will meet you at either your lodging or a central location to start the tour.

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