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It’s not hard to see why Granada makes it on so many Spanish trip plans. From the besotting Alhambra to the lively-as-it-is-laid-back Albayzin, Granada boasts some of the most stunning sites in all of Spain—and it’s rooted in history that’s equally as amazing. Once a stronghold of Moorish Spain, Granada ties together the amazing history of Islamic rule with the more modern Spain that was brought about by Ferdinand and Isabella’s bloody Reconquista. Although some of the Islamic history was lost to the ravages of time and history, the Moorish/Christian dichotomy is still plain as day, and has become an integral part of Granada’s identity.

While just about everyone should check out the must-sees in Granada, there’s everything from palatial gardens and Baroque cathedrals to Islamic-style spas and rafting trips that will make your stay in Granada as unique as you are. And while you’re here, you will definitely want to check out Granada’s most famous dining experience: the tapas. With selections that range from traditional Andalusian to Japanese-influenced (and even straight sushi), you’ll be swimming in a dazzling array of culinary delights. But you won’t want to stop there: there’s plenty of flamenco performances to catch, shops to peruse, and barrios to explore. And that’s just the beginning; Granada is brimming with sights, smells, and tastes to discover.



Old Town Flavor

Alhambra–at Night

Wholesome Nightlife

Peña Flamenca La Platería

Heart of Flamenco

International Dance & Music Festival

Granada's Shining Culture

Los Diamantes

Small Plates, Big Vibe

Taberna Masquevinos

Traditional Tapas

Bodegas Espadafor

Rustic Spanish Cuisine

Tasca El Conde

Superb Tapas Bar


Just East of Eden

Catedral de Granada y Capilla Real

Of Kings and Chapels