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Open Since 1872

If you are looking for an authentic, time-tested restaurant for your dining experience, consider Taberna Sociedad de Plateros, located in the historic center of the city. Offering a traditional Andalusian menu, you can expect to find a number of cod dishes, like cod lasagna and cod ratatouille. Other popular dishes include the favorite cold, thick tomato soup known as salmorejo, oxtail stew, and pork loin with serrano ham (known as flamenquín – A Cordoba classics). Seafood is also and option, with our favorite non-land inspired dish being the plate of grilled swordfish. Note that the main dishes do change quickly, and tapas portions can be larger than usual. Enjoy your meal in the roomy courtyard or in one of the dining rooms. Reservations are recommended on weekends, as this is a popular place with the locals.

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*Not to be confused with Taberna Sociedad Plateros María Auxiliadora

Open in Google Maps: Calle de San Francisco, 6, 14003

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