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Cordoba, Spain

Sinagoga de Córdoba

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Cost: $9.45 USD (8.00 EUR)

House of God

A synagogue in Spain is something of a rarity (there are only three in the entire nation) and Synagogue of Córdoba takes it up a couple notches on the granduer/historical gravitas scale. Suffice it to say, visit this house of god, and you'll not find another like it, at least in all of Iberia. Following the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492 the Synagogue of Córdoba wore a variety of interesting hats including Hydrophobic hospital (think 28 Days Later), chapel for shoemakers and nursery school. The prayer room featuring three magnificently rendered arches is the crown jewel of this sacred temple.

Open in Google Maps: Calle de los Judíos, 20, 14004

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