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Cordoba, Spain

Espectáculo Ecuestre

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Today: 12:00pm
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Cost: $17.64 USD (15.00 EUR)

A Majestic Breed

The Royal Stables are home to the Cordoba Equestrian Show, where you can enjoy an evening of watching majestic Spanish horses . The stables themselves were founded in 1570 by King Felipe II, who had a love for horses and wanted to make a pure Spanish thoroughbred. The structure is quite grand, with its vaulted ceilings and archways. The evening performance includes music, horse and rider choreography, light displays and dancing. The horses and riders seem to have a special connection, like the riders are one with the horse and are able to put on a beautiful performance. After the show you can go pet the horses and admire them up-close.

Utrip Tips

* Children 3 to 12 years in age: 10.00 € 
* Children under 3 years in age: FREE

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