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Today: 12:00am-5:00am
This Week
Cost: $17.70 USD (15.00 EUR)

Club for the Glamorous

The Sutton Club has spent all of its time and energy becoming the quintessential glamorous and exclusive nightclub of Barcelona, and it has more than achieved what it set out to do. You won’t get in wearing anything but your most glitzy club attire, the VIP booths will drain your bank account in less time than it takes to order a drink, and the music is formula top 40 dance hits, no exception. It may sound like just about nobody’s favorite scene, but they do it so well here, you’ll be hooked whether you like it or not. Take your time getting dressed, show up by 1am, and be ready to have a unforgettable night.

Utrip Tips

*Free cover if on guest list *Recommended by Local Expert HandsUp Barcelona

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