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Anatomical Amphitheater

There are some attractions that claim to be secret gems - and then there's Sala Gimbernat. Hidden in the heart of Barcelona, the historical amphitheater was built in 1762. But unlike most amphitheaters, Sala Gimbernat wasn't constructed for plays, music, or other entertainment - it was built for education. It's an anatomical amphitheater that was used to teach human anatomy through the dissection of human corpses. A marble operating table stands at center with stadium seating spreading in a semi-circle around it. The walls are intricately decorated with stained glass and golden fixtures. A trip to Sala Gimbernat is for anyone who is interested in science, medicine, history, or the macabre. It is a Barcelona museum that many locals don't even know exists.

Open in Google Maps: Carrer del Carme, Barcelona

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