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Night Adventure

Although El Raval area has a reputation for being a seedy red-light district frequented by pickpockets, for those who are daring, it also has redeeming qualities that make it worthy of your night-out drinking. Betty Ford is a great example of the welcoming-to-all ambiance of El Raval. Its chill vibe is complete with a friendly bar staff and their own beer, Krut. Other bars with the ‘Cheers effect’ include the Modernista bars, London Bar and Marsella, where rumor has it that Hemingway frequented. For a stylish bar, with strong cocktails and good eats, head to Marmalade. Like Marmalade, Rita Blue has funky decor and a multi-cultural crowd that will get you in the drinking mode.

Utrip Tips

Betty Ford: Stellar spot for cocktails and beer
London Bar: English-style pub that Hemingway and Picasso visited. 
Marmalade: Swank, posh, casual nightlife spot with food 
Marsella: An old, old bar that's still got it
Ciudad Condal: Revered tapas to start the night
L'Ovella Negra: Huge underground bar that's popular with the young tourist crowd
Paddock Motard Bar: Spanish bar with a thing for Moto GP
Bar Ramón: An awesome tapas spot to kick off the night
Madame Jasmine: Colorful characters packed into a dive bar

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