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Design & Creativity in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city known for innovation and creativity. The city is uniquely decorated and has always pushed the boundaries of how we approach composition and the formal elements of design. This is most apparent in the city’s and world’s celebration of Gaudí, but the distinctive style of Barcelona consist of many more creative geniuses and mediums. On the Design Tour, you can explore the techniques of fashion stylists and interior and graphic designers, or check out compelling furniture design and cool gadgets. Ultimately, what you see is up to you as Hi. This is Barcelona allows you to customize your tour. From your suggestions, they will take you to impressive venues like showrooms or even unassuming cafes to discover the best of Barcelona’s talent.

Utrip Tips

*Reservations are required 3 weeks in advance. Reserve here: *The tour can take place either by foot, by bicycle, by public transportation, or by car *Recommended by local expert Jordan Susselman

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