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Johannesburg, South Africa

Melville Koppies Nature Reserve

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Enigmatic Uplands

The bones of an ancient seaway, the Melville Koppies form an arresting landscape in Johannesburg's hinterland: rolling quartzite ridges, windswept grasslands, dense tree groves--all within view of the big city. Home to a wide assortment of birds as well as mongooses, rock rabbits, leopard tortoises, and other Highveld wildlife, the refuge is also a significant archaeological site: Human occupation here dates back hundreds of thousands of years, and Stone Age and Iron Age homesites can be seen. Guided hikes are the best way for out-of-towners to experience the Melville Koppies and their ecological and cultural treasures firsthand.

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* Melville Koppies Central is always locked and has controlled access only for people on organised tours and hikes. Please refer to calendar/map for details of scheduled tours and hikes. Other tours may be booked on 011 482 4797. People may not walk around this section on their own at any time.
* Melville Koppies EAST is open daily for walks and socialised dogs are welcome.
* Melville Koppies WEST is open daily but it is advisable to walk only on scheduled walks. Do not take valuables onto EAST or WEST as these are public open spaces.
* Guided tour schedules can be found here.

*While safety in Johannesburg is on the ups, it still suffers from elevated crime in many areas. As a general rule, it’s recommended to not hike alone in rural areas, or walk alone in city parks around dusk. Hiking in larger groups or with licensed guides are generally a good deterrent. Use common sense and good judgement when enjoying nature, especially in remote areas and around dusk. Private security is common in public spaces such as parks.

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