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History and Beauty in One Peak

Long ago, this landmark hill (said to resemble the rump of a sleeping lion) was where Cape Town port authorities would signal incoming ships to let them know the weather conditions and provide directions on where they should anchor. Now, it is a popular attraction for residents and visitors alike to drive up and enjoy a magnificent view of the city and port; it is considered to be one of the greatest panoramas in all of South Africa. Getting there is easy enough. Rent a car and drive up the Kloof Nek Road. When you arrive at the peak, you may be lucky enough to see local enthusiasts launching themselves on paragliders onto the warm updrafts. The area is also known for its plant-life, original to the region before colonization. Every day at noon, the signal gun announces mid-day (time for a drink!)

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Utrip Tips

* The hike takes approximately 1 1/2 hours each way, but simply driving to the peak is also possible.

*While safety in Cape Town is generally higher than the rest of South Africa, it still suffers from elevated crime in some areas. As a general rule, it’s recommended to not hike alone in rural areas, or walk alone in city parks around dusk. Hiking in larger groups or with licensed guides are generally a good deterrent. Use common sense and good judgement when enjoying nature, especially in remote areas and around dusk. Private security is common in public spaces such as parks.

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