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Glasgow, Scotland



A modern city that's risen from the grit of an industrial, shipbuilding past, Glasgow brings together culture, history, and an architectural richness in a way that few cities can top. There's certainly an edgy sophistication that belies the beautiful—albeit stoic—buildings around the city, and while Glasgow might be a Victorian powerhouse-turned-metropolis, it's certainly not stuck in the past. It's as modern a city as it is a historic icon, a forward-looking place with a blue collar backbone, swathed in 19th century surrounds.

Glasgow's salt-of-the-earth attitude is perhaps what made so many people stick around, and as Scotland's largest city, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there's a host of international influences that have permeated its identity—especially when it comes to food. From Southern Indian restaurants to globally inspired modern bistros, you'll find a spectrum of cuisine that'll make your head spin. You'll also find one of the best European music scenes in Glasgow, with tunes spilling out of bars, pubs, and clubs every night of the week. Couple that with a gamut of bars ranging from historic haunts to modern gin-slinging spots, and you've got quite a cocktail for a night out. 

While you could argue that the best side of Glasgow comes out at night, you'll also have a strong case for its diurnal side. You can check out Dali and Van Gogh at the Kelvingrove, or take a look into the history of medicine at the Hunterian—and that's just the start. With some of the best museums in Scotland, stunning art galleries, a well-established cafe scene, breweries, distilleries, and parks to explore, Glasgow will keep you on your toes throughout the day, too. 


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